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A novel new approach to finding voucher codes and discounts for your most-loved stores and shops. Need a snazzy new sofa? We've got it: Made.com. Looking for hayfever tablets and don't want to pay full-price? We've got that covered too: Boots.com. You'll soon discover that saving money at your favourite websites is as easy as it should be, with Vouchere. No signup need, it's completely free to use.

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There's more to saving money than just voucher codes, which is why we have a chat-room, a forum and a top 10 deal list updated every week. Join our little free community on the web and make new friends without breaking the bank!

What people think of Vouchere

I've saved over £300 this year so far and just love the simple, easy-to-use design. It isn't cluttered like a lot of other voucher websites around.

Absolutely no fuss whatsoever [in using Vouchere]... the fluid-like layout works on my tablet as well as my PC at work. I often check out the Forums whenever I have some free time to pick up a bargain that way.

Has to be easily the most useful discount code website around in the UK today. It's so refreshing to not have to be harassed into liking them on Facebok or being spammed about their daily 'offers' by email that are useless to me. I don't care that another site has 6M email subscribers, I won't be one of them.

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